Preparing Portworx to upgrade to OpenShift 4.3 using the Operator

Before you can upgrade your OpenShift environment to 4.3, you must upgrade Portworx to 2.3.5 and expose a new port range so that Portworx can continue to operate. Perform the following steps to upgrade Portworx to 2.3.5 in preparation for upgrading your OpenShift environment:

  1. From the OpenShift console, upgrade the Portworx Operator to version 1.1.1 or newer.

  2. Upgrade Portworx to 2.3.5.

  3. Verify that all of your nodes have upgraded to your specified Portworx version (e.g. 2.3.5):

    oc get storagenode -n kube-system
    NAME     ID                                     STATUS   VERSION           AGE
    node-1   04904446-781b-4e12-b1ce-753a9e72dd49   Online   68s
    node-2   b7a9e162-3166-475f-af6b-3860a4dc2b06   Online   2m
    node-3   8c182888-280a-4738-abf8-3bccaadeb359   Online   3m
  4. Open the port ranges on your cloud provider and operating system to allow traffic on ports 17001 - 17020.

  5. Change your Portworx cluster’s start port:

    1. Enter the oc edit command to modify your storage cluster:

      oc edit -n kube-system <storagecluster_name>
    2. Change the startPort value in your StorageCluster spec to 17001:

      kind: StorageCluster
        name: portworx
        namespace: kube-system
        startPort: 17001

Once these operations have been completed, you may upgrade OpenShift to 4.3 or newer.

Last edited: Thursday, Dec 22, 2022